Specialist Consulting Rooms
Ground Floor, Campus Centre
Royal Hospital For Women
Barker St, Randwick 2031

02 9382 6810


8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

The main entrance to the underground hospital car park is via a roundabout off Barker Street.

Finding Us

The Specialist Consulting Rooms are on the ground floor of the hospital campus centre.

Entering from Barker Street side:

This is the main entrance, located beside the drop-off zone in the hospital turning circle.  It is near the external level 0 exit from the underground carpark lifts.  QR code check-in to the hospital with your phone camera. Once inside, walk straight ahead towards the corridor that leads towards the Sydney Children’s Hospital. The Specialist Consulting Rooms is the first door on your left in that corridor. Dr Lee’s name is on the front entrance.

Entering from High Street:

This is the Childrens Hospital entrance. Follow the signs towards level 0, Barker Street exit, past the wall of golden hands, walking towards the campus centre cafe and gift shop. The Specialist Consulting Rooms is the last door on your right as you leave the corridor for the open campus centre space.

Entering from the Car Park:

Levels B1, B2 and B3: take the lift to level 0 and follow the instructions above to enter from Barker Street side.

Level B4: There are 2 separate lift wells. One takes you to the private hospital labour ward on level 6. The other does not have a level 6 and it takes you to the Barker Street entrance above.